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Each new year I evaluate the Bengals here at Bodcau Bayou and retire a few.. I love the breed and I love the cats here,

so my belief is .... they deserve the best forever home that I can find.. The retiree's have different special needs. Since

 they have been here longer than kittens, I know their personalities. I try to give you the information about the

individual cat so that you can decide if that cat will fit into your home.. This is important to me because they deserve it.. 

They will be spayed or neutered and be up to date on all of their shots. I will post the new retiree's and their descriptions

here as they are available for adoption....

Thank you..







Aurora - Available - $500.00




Aurora is very sweet and loving. She likes to be near people but is not fond of being

picked up. She will follow you and beg for your attention.. She gets along with other cats

and has been with a small dog. She has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots.




Dancer - Available - $500.00







This very beautiful boy is sweet and shy at the same time.. He likes to be held, if he feels safe. He

 gives head butts and makes biscuits.. Just a real love bug.. But he does not like loud noises or

loud people.. He would not do well in a home with a lot of screaming, playing children..

He likes children, just not a lot of them. He likes music but hard rock is not his

thing.. Football with hollering folks is not on his list of ways to spend a Sunday..

He likes other cats and given a slow introduction, would probably adjust to non-aggressive dogs.

He has been neutered and is up to date on all his shots.


Available Teenagers




Mouse - Female Bengal - AVAILABLE - $500.00


Born on September 20, 2016






Mouse has to be in a one cat household or a household that already has cats

that have Upper Respiratory. . She was exposed to the Upper Respiratory

Virus and sometimes has a runny eye.. She does not have it at this time.. Stress brings it on.

Mouse is very friendly and very petite.. Sweet little girl..



Lady - Female Bengal - RESERVED


Born on October 06, 2016






Lady is so sweet and a little cuddle bug. She loves, loves people.. I could carry her

around the house all day and she would be thrilled..















If you can not find the Bengal kitten of your dreams here,

please visit Texas Star Safari




Some information for your use !!

Bathing your kitten or cat

Prior to the arrival of your new kitten


All our kittens come with their own pedigree, their vaccinations to date, and leave home

at 12 weeks of age.  Kittens are sold with a written contract, and a health guarantee.

All prices posted are pet prices unless otherwise noted.

Please ask about breeder pricing and requirements.


JAMIE'S CELL - 1-318-393-2124



THE LINK IS NOT WORKING.. If you do not get an answer to your email, send again, I answer all emails..


Bodcau Bayou Bengals has the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at anytime during the negotiation period. These cats

and kittens are the sole property of Bodcau Bayou Bengals and will be regarded as such until a written contract of

ownership has been signed by both interested parties.



  We are proud members of T.I.C.A. and T.I.B.C.S., all of our kittens are registered with T.I.C.A.

Jamie's cell - 1-318-393-2124





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