If you are picking up your kitten, meeting me halfway or picking the kitten up at the airport, you will need: A small litter box in the car, in case your new kitten needs to use it… A carrier/crate will keep your kitten safe for the ride home. Make sure to keep your kitten in the car by shutting all the doors before you take it out of the carrier.. If you plan on letting the kitten ride loose in the car to your home… stop by Pet Smart and get a ferret halter and leash. They are a black net jacket with a colorful binding and leash or something similar (usually under $10.00). This will keep the kitten out from under the brake peddle and out the door. The safest place for the kitten is in the carrier.

Prior to the arrival of your new kitten, set up a small area where your kitten can be confined (bathroom or even your bedroom). This area should have a bed, litter box, food and water and some toys for playing.. Visit the kitten often and spent some time with him/her.. When the kitten learns who you are and begins to trust you, then you can introduce them to the rest of the household. If you have other cats, we recommend two weeks of quarantine because your new kitten could have little germ that could be harmful to your resident cat or vice a versa.. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If no other cats are in the household, use your judgment, and take the kitten in other parts of the house for short supervised visits.. There are several reasons for this recommendation:

A new house can seem very large and be very scary for a small kitten.

The kitten will not be able to find its way around so the litter box will be lost to it..

The kitten can become frightened and hide from you. A small area allows the kitten to get used to you and will come to you for play and comfort.

Never put a collar on a cat. Even the break away collars have hung cats. Use a harness made for cats. Or Pet Smart has a harness for ferrets that will fit a kitten and a harness that is larger for a rabbit..

Make sure all the plants in your house are safe for cats.. Many common plants are poisonous to cats. There are several websites that list all the plants to avoid.

A Bengal will seek the highest point in the house to hide and sleep.. The problem is Bengals are usually clumsy and knock everything off on their way up. If you have priceless treasures, I promise that will be their favorite place.

Have a quiet place set up for your new Bengal or yourself, whoever needs a time out. They can act like a toddler and drive you nuts.. A time out is a pleasant time.. Most Bengals want to be involved in whatever you are doing. They like to be close to you and want lots of attention.. Be careful where you walk, your Bengal is likely to be just where you were going to put your foot. I suggest shuffling your feet at first so you can gently push him/her out of the way until they get the idea.

Scratching furniture can be avoided. Get your Bengal a good sturdy cat tree for climbing, playing and sleeping.. When the kitten goes to the couch or chair and starts to sharpen its claws, pick it up and put it on the tree.. Soon it will get the idea.. If you do not get a tree, there are alternatives.. A round disk with corrugated cardboard in the center and a ball on the outer ring or a corrugated cardboard box.. Both are sold at Wal-Mart or Pet Smart..

Make sure your new kittens toys are kitten proof.. No plastic eyes or strings that can come off and choke them.. Feathers and shiny pieces should only be played with when you are in the room.. Put teasers away in a cabinet when you are not playing with the kitten.. Kittens chewing on things and getting them caught in their throats is the number two killer of kittens. The number one killer is electric cords. They like to chew.. You can put a hot sauce on the cords to make it unpleasant or wrap all low cords in tubes..

Washers and dryers are a hazard to cats of all ages.. Cats like small, warm spaces. There have been several articles on cats being killed in washer and dryer. They crawl in while you are not looking and fall asleep or hide in the clothes.. You shut the door and turn the machine on and they cat dies before you know it is missing. Please be careful always check the washer and dryer for your friend before you turn it on. Caution every member of the household to do the same.

The doors that open to the outside of your home will remain an interesting place for the kitten to run through. The outside world is a wonderful place full of very interesting things for the young cat to investigate, birds, butterflies and other friendly creatures.. It also hold more danger than we can imagine.. Worms, parasites and stinging bugs, are just a small few.. The place where a stray un-vaccinated cat did it’s business can be found by your cat, exposing your cat to lots of harmful diseases. Other harmful things can be found, cars – trucks - trees – small pipes to get stuck in – thieves – poisonous plants – getting lost. There are many dangerous animals out there. Please keep your cat inside.. If you play with him, he will never need to go outside unless on a leash.. Scat mats placed in front of doors can curb his curiosity, a small bottle of coins hung on the door that you can shake to make a loud noise before you open the door.. I have one hung on the inside and the outside of the door.. At first it seems silly but when the cat is running past you or your guest into the unknown of the outside world, you will wish you had taken the time to do it.. There is nothing lonelier than a pet owner walking the neighborhood looking and calling for their lost friend.

If your pet does get out, call me and perhaps I can help.

Take a few minutes to search at the library or Internet for other hazards for your new friend.. This kitten will be a loving companion for many years with just a little research on your part and regular vet checks.. Please remember that I am just a phone call away, should you have a question or need advice.. I always love to hear how you are getting along..

Pictures are a must have.. I will post updated pictures on the site..

Thank you for purchasing a Bodcau Bayou Bengal companion to enrich your life.

Jamie Trombley






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