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We are a small in home cattery located in the Northwest Corner of Louisiana. Our Bengal kittens

are raised with our Grandchildren in our very busy home. Some of our Bengals can be seen at local

youth baseball games, dance lessons and even a fun filled ride on the four wheeler.. They are a part of

the family and seem to want to go everywhere. A leash means a trip outside and they are always up for

that.. Their favorite events are sleepover or slumber parties.. Lots of places to hide and

'MANY TINY' feet to find !!

If you have not already decided on a Bengal, take a few minutes to look around the site. Perhaps

you will find the same information that convinced me that my family really needed a tiny leopard

in our living room and everywhere else in the house.

Bengals are delightful, loving companions.


Easy Duz it bengal male




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ALC = Asian Leopard Cat

F1 (A1S) = First generation cross between an ALC

and another Bengal, usually an SBT

F2 (B2S) = A Bengal that is two generations

removed from the ALC

F3 (C3S) = A Bengal that is three generations

removed from the ALC

SBT = Stud Book Tradition - This is the TICA

definition for any purebred cat that has 3 previous

generations of same breed-to-same

breed mating in its 3 generation pedigree.

For our purposes this means 3 generations of

Bengal-to-Bengal breeding, without an

ALC in the 3 generation pedigree.

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Male Bengal Easy Duz it playing

GCH. Bodcau Bayou Easy Duz It


children with bengal cats

Kitten Tamers !!

Bengal male walking



align="center"/> JAMIE'S CELL 1-318-393-2124


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Bodcau Bayou Bengals has the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at anytime during the negotiation period. These cats

and kittens are the sole property of Bodcau Bayou Bengals and will be regarded as such until a written contract of

ownership has been signed by both interested parties.



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