6/15- Hi Jamie:  Sorry we have been so busy with life, and of course playing with our amazing girls. we LOVE them. Every morning we wake up with them in bed with us and start their day of eating, tearing around the house after each other, playing hide and seek with Jim, and pulling down my kitchen towels from the oven doors and having me chase them all over the house.. i usually give up ;)

Katie is growing just great and got her booster shots last week. She grew 2 and 1/2 lbs in one month! She is gaining on Dreamy! Dreamy is getting to be an amazing color and not to mention acrobat! We are planning on having the spaying done sometime in August. Of course we will send the papers after the procedure. Each day they have more and more personality traits. It's adorable because they are best friends and can't do anything without the other. We can't thank you enough for the amazing kittens. We love them so much. We will keep in touch.. in the meantime we sent some of our favorite pictures. Jim being the videographer takes LOTS of pictures of the girls. Thanks again!! Kendal and Jim



Jamie - They love their new play tower. They think they run the house now.
:-). Thanks again for our beautiful kittens!  Scott & Beth


6/18--Hi Jamie: We received the paperwork. The girls are doing great and have really taken to the family. We really enjoy them very much. I will send pictures soon. Thanks Scott






TexasStar SandStorm of Bodcau Bayou - Retired Breeder

Date of Birth: January 8, 2006

Sandy (Sandstorm) is a beautiful, loving little doll.  She has a new home with a great family in South Louisiana.

May 24,  Jamie - OK good news she has decided she likes it here. Last night there was no crying and neither was there any prowling. Nope, she just stayed all night at the foot of my bed sleeping till I got up a little while ago .  Im afraid she lost her identity though . She seems to have forgotten she's a cat. She now thinks she's a queen. Cody, my oldest you met, came over with Heather [his new lil wife] and brought me all of there stuff . Lots of toys, two fancy beds [one that has a scratching area on top] and this big ole scratching post with all kinds of stuff built on it . She also is right on my heals now when I walk. Plus this morning I noticed her food bowl was empty.   So I guess that about does it I just wanted to let you know it's all good now. Bye for now Jamie, and thanks for raising such a wonderful cat.

Lacy will be going to live with Eric in Georgia. Her

forever name is "Keira"..

Tue, 25 Dec

Hey there!!  Keira is doing wonderful, in fact she is sitting on my lap kneading my leg as I am typing this.  She is adapting very well here (don't even know why I got her a bed, she has to sleep right next to me).  With the holidays I have not been able to take her to a vet as of yet, but as soon as everything is back to normal I will take her immediately.  I will be sure to send you pictures soon!!!!
Thank you, Eric 

 Sea Breeze - Marble Female


Jan. 10, - Jamie,  We just wanted to let you know that Sea Breeze and Snickers are doing fabulous.  They have brought us so much enjoyment.  We are so thankful to you guys for being so helpful with all our questions.  Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your home, so to say, with us.  Our kittens are growing so.  We see a difference every day.  They really brighten each day with their playful attitudes.  And they get along so well.  If she is out of his sight, he calls for her and she comes running.  They are truly amazing.  Once again, thanks! Sincerely, Jill and Chip Marcantel



Dark Crystal - Marble Female

Dark Crystal will be joining her sister in Arkansas

with Carroll and Becky.


Carroll and Becky's girls, Mesha and Malakia 



Ty and his girl, Malaya                               

Hello Jamie: We wanted to mail you some pictures we took of the girls (Mesha, Malakia and Malaya). We love them so much and enjoy them everyday (they are a blast). They are doing very well after Tuesday's surgery. They are coming along good and headed for recovery. Again, thank you for allowing us to have "3" of your sweet babies.

Carroll and Becky 2/2 


Born : June 3,

Ardan - Male - moving to Houston to live with his new friend Kelly.


July 14, - Jamie, Here are pictures of Dragon . They were taken while I was doing some major housecleaning and as you can see his assistance was welcomed. His favorite toys are toilet paper and paper towels which are often shredded in the kitchen and bathroom. His curiosity fascinates my son, husband and I. I thought that I was being smart and hiding his favorite toys in a lazy Susan cabinet, but I was mistaken. He talks to me until I pick him up and will not allow me to read without his assistance. I took him to the vet last Thursday and the Vet said he was healthy and ready to go. He only weighs about nine pounds at this time but he seems so long and lanky. I will be calling in the future for another friend to keep him company. Enjoying him all the time. Thanks, 
Kelly Wallace, PT, DPT

July 29,- Jamie, Dragon is doing fine. He weighs in at nine pounds and is keeping me entertained. Toilet paper and paper towels are still his major objective. I have had to put a lock on my lazy Susan cabinets since a certain party has learned to spin the cabinet open and find the treasure. This was also a favorite place to hide then leap out and attack passing humans. Just recently took him to the vet and he stated that all was well. He enjoys riding in the car and will stay curled up in my lap till we get where ever. He is leery of the guys but he loves Clinton's girlfriend if he is not running ninety to nothing up and down the hallway. He also assists when housecleaning by jumping over the broom and vacuum cleaner when in use. I don't know if you received these pictures but I am going to send them again. They are not the best but it will give you an idea of his highness. I like the other male but I am not sure whether Dragon will adjust any better to one than the other. I will let Clinton look at the photos and assist in making a decision. Kelly Wallace,PT, DPT

Aug. 19. - Hello Jamie, You will be happy to know that 'Troy and Dragon' are getting along fine. Troy is now Spartan and my vet just looked at me and laughed when I ran him over there. He follows Dragon around like a little brother. If Dragon is doing something, Spartan is sure to join in on the activity. Thank you for them.  Kelly Wallace, PT, DPT


Cutter and Daisy live with Ken and Terri Talley in South Louisiana. Cutter keeps

Ken, Terri very busy and he watches over Daisy.


Cutter and Daisy - Quiet afternoon in the Sun..



Cutter and Daisy



Nyla (nee+la) means "female champion" - female - SOLD

to Brittany, Joseph and Aiden of Lafayette, La.




Sept. 7,  - Hello!  I just thought I would give you an update:  Nyla is finally home...She is having fun exploring the place.  She has found her scratch post and decided that she loves the tunnel so she has spent some time in there!  She ate a lot!  I measured a half cup between dry kitten food with water and the chicken and gravy...she just about finished it.  I introduced her to the litter box and water, she hasn't tried those out yet!  I set her things in a place upstairs, I will probably have to carry her up and down until she gets bigger!!  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for meeting up with us and selling us this wonderful kitten.  I will keep you updated and send pics of Nyla soon!
Brit and family


Quinn (qu+in) means "intelligent" male  


Nov. 11,- Hi Jamie, enclosed is a copy of the vet certificate for Quinn. As you will see, he was neutered.  I have to thank you, he is a great joy.  We marvel quite often about his intelligence and curiosity.  He is like no cat we have ever owned.  It is not hard to tell that he has been bred well.  He has become the center of attention and taken over the house.  He is very loving and social and fantastic with my kids.  Once again, thank you  

Bill Chaaban

Oakley/Max and Violet/Cocoa

Oakley and Violet have moved to the big city of

Dallas to live with their new family.



 June 12,  -  Hi Jamie: The babies are doing just fabulous....and I couldn't love them anymore.  I decided to go with naming the boy "Max" and the girl "Cocoa".  She is a bundle of non-stop energy and he is such a lap lover!  Lady still watches from a far -- but stays close and keeps playing with their toys when they aren't looking (or are sleeping); it's too cute. Here are a few pics of them!  I'll keep sending them as they grow.  He is now about 3.2lbs and she is 2.6lbs. E.Keene






Riley Rainbow

Has moved to South Louisiana to live with a very special

little girl and her Mom and Dad.



They became friends on the first night. Mom promised to send us more pictures as they grow..

June 08,- Jamie: Riley is home and doing well! He warmed up quick to Mellie as soon as he learned she was someone to play with.  I have attached a couple of pictures. Once he feels more comfortable, I hope to send you a cuddle picture. Thank you for the service you provide. You have brought new light into our lives! Is there a health risk with the live vaccines? I have never heard about this, I just took what they gave me and never knew any different. Thanks again, Charlotte




Twix, Snickers and Tanner have moved to the Chicago area with their wonderful new family. They have their own room full of toys and a sweet young lady to help them grow big and strong.



Feb. 10, - Hey Jamie,

The are growing so big! We think Tanner is the biggest then Twix, and last but not least Snickers. Snickers is the lanky one but he eats just as much as Twix and Tanner. We are really seeing there true colors now. There are leaping, jumping, and running around the house. There are just as playful from the first day we brought them home. Their next cat show is March eighth and ninth. We have been holding them and playing with a feather and everything that all the judges have done at the last show. We will keep in touch.            Debbie and Emily.

March 22, - Dear Jamie,  It is really hard to believe that our little Twix, Snickers, and Tanner were a year old on March 20.  We sang Happy Birthday to them and they ate "Prime fillets" for dinner.  They are doing wonderful.  Snickers is still very shy.  Twix and Tanner are little cuddlers.  We couldn't be more happier with them.  Talk to you soon.

                                            Debbie and Emily Tassi




Sire: Drinkwater Stargazer of Bodcau Bayou

Dam: Texasstar Sandstorm of Bodcau Bayou

D.O.B. - January 30, 2007 



Scarlet will be moving to Yardley, PA. to live with

Brynleah, two cats and a bunch of bunnies.. What fun...

Update:  Pictures of Brynleah and "Sorrel" = first night forever home.



Hi Jamie, We just wanted to wish you a happy New Year and tell you how much we love Sorrel (Scarlet). Thank you for making our family complete!!! Here's a pic of her at Christmas. As you can see, she's very proud of  her gift! Take care, Sue -Yardley, PA


Sire: Drinkwater Stargazer of Bodcau Bayou

Dam: Texasstar Sandstorm of Bodcau Bayou

D.O.B. - January 30, 2007 




Shere Khan will be living with Joey and Terri

in Bossier City.

Fri, 1 Jun

Our kitten is doing great.  He is a true curtain climber.  I will take some pictures and send them to you.  His name is Jerry Lee Lewis, and he has the same attitude.  Our dog Diamond is now his mother.  She helps him on the couch and everything. It is so cute.  I will send you another e-mail with pictures. 

Take care, Terri



Sire: Drinkwater Stargazer of Bodcau Bayou

Dam: Texasstar Sandstorm of Bodcau Bayou

D.O.B. - January 30, 2007 


'Jamba' is living in Monroe with

Lanny, Terry and his human big brother, Ian.


April 13,  - Hey Lady, Well, the vet said he is just fine. Couldn't say enough about how beautiful he is.  He had a booster shot and some stuff on his shoulders, kills heartworms and fleas and stuff.  He didn't care for that.  The attachment is the receipt from the vet.  He weighs 3 pounds and 2 ounces.  In 3 weeks he gets some more shots.  Oh, no sign of the cold thank goodness. He is doing just great.  Not one problem.  Except maybe he runs full out 100 miles an hour or he falls over sound asleep, no in between for him.  haha. Have a great weekend. Love,  Terry



Sire: Drinkwater Stargazer of Bodcau Bayou

Dam: Texasstar Sandstorm of Bodcau Bayou

D.O.B. - January 30, 2007 



"Spider" is moving to Boston with his new Mommie, Karen. He will have

 some new furry siblings, Even his very own fur Ragdoll..


April, - Hi Jamie, Just wanted to send along some recent pictures of Hiroki.  As you can see he is getting along well with his siblings and has also become very musical.  Right now he is sitting on my lap helping me send this e-mail.  He spends the early morning sitting in the window hunting the birds and squirrels outside at the bird feeder.  He also has forced his sister, the Maine Coon, to lay on the couch with him.  He will go over and curl up next to her no matter how much she hisses or growls.  Eventually she gives up and just lets him lie next to her.  Hope all is well with you.  I check out your website on occasion and find it very hard to resist all your beautiful babies. Karen




Bella was born on 9/23/2006 and Magnum P.I. was born on 9/28/2006. They both went to live with Jeff in Virginia. Jeff was transferred and could not take them.. These sweet babies came back to Bodcau Bayou. After much searching we found a wonderful home for both of them with David and Carrie in South Texas.


Here is a letter from their new Mom.  We are so happy for them all...
Sun, 15 Apr  22:33:33 -0500

Hi Jamie,

How is everything going?  I see you have some precious kittens available.  Who are the parents of this group?  I think Riley is just gorgeous.  I am trying to talk David into letting me have another male.  We have had such a great experience with you and your wonderful kitties.  Magnum and Bella are such a joy to have around.  Magnum is my baby.  He is sitting in my lap right now purring so loud I have a hard time concentrating on what I am typing.  If Riley is available how much are you asking for him.  I attached a few pictures of each of my babies.  For some reason Magnum P.I. loves his pink blanket and Bella is the one sitting in the chair looking surprised.





Sire: Baako Bodacious of Bodcau Bayou

Dam: Texasstar Sandstorm of Bodcau Bayou

D.O.B. - November 17, 2006


Update pictures - letter from her new Mom

Hi Jamie, Sorry that it has taken so long to get you these photos. I'm
 in love with my baby. Of course I don't call her baby any more. Her name
 is Anastasia Nichole Jones, Specifically; I call her Anni. She love to
 cuddle with me in the morning and bite my husband's toes through the covers.
 She's SPOILED ROTTEN and I made her that way. I love it! she will always be my baby. Thanks for the great companion.     Jammie Jones







Brandi and Jasmine live in beautiful New Orleans with their new humans.

August 29,  - Hi Jamie, Just wanted to update you... Brandy & Jasmine are getting along great.  They are sleeping & playing together.  Brandy is getting bigger everyday... and she still LOVES to eat.  They each have their own personalities.  Just so you know... Brandy has passed all of her tests at the vet... just waiting until she is ready for her spay.  She is definitely an attention hog at the vet... and they ALL love her (in fact they come out from the back to see her). Thanks again, Chris & Jenny



This is a page under construction.. I am adding clients as often as I can. If you are not on here yet, I am sorry.  Email me and remind me to get your pictures up here.. Thank you for your patience.. Jamie







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