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All prices stated are PET PRICES.   No Cat/kitten is promised until the deposit is received.



Sire:  LakeMountain Travelin'man (River)

  Dam:   Kimora of BodcauBayou

Date of Birth:  September 23, 2017



"Octavia" - Female Bengal - Available - Pet price $ 1200.00







Octavia is a sweet baby, she plays hard and sleeps hard.. She gets along with other cats

and people too. She is soft as silk and likes to be petted..



Sire:  Bodcau Bayou High Voltage

  Dam:  Tabatha of Bodcau Bayou

Date of Birth:  January 7, 2017


"Hayden" - Male Bengal  - - Available - - Pet price $ 1800.00






Meet Mr. Not Afraid of anything... loved his photo shoot..  He is in the "fuzzies". By his next photo's,

 he will have a smooth silky coat.





Sire:  Bodcau Bayou Zeplin

  Dam:  Bodcau Bayou Tabatha

Date of Birth:  September 1, 2017


"Scotty" - Male Bengal  - - Available - - Pet price $ 1200.00







Wonderfully sweet outgoing young man. He likes people and other animals.. His personality

makes him so much fun to play with.


Sire:  Bodcau Bayou Zeplin

  Dam:  Bodcau Bayou DeJaVue

Date of Birth:  September 27, 2017


"Oreo" - Female Bengal  - RESERVED


Oreo is the sweetest little girl, she seems to love everyone and wants to play with anything.. She is content

with a piece of paper. She is active and cuddly at the same time.. Pictures do not do her justice, she has a very

white background and beautiful black spotting.



Sire:  Bodcau Bayou Asher

  Dam:  Texas Star Last Kiss of Bodcau Bayou

Date of Birth:  December 7, 2017


"Beverly" - Female Bengal  - - On Hold







This little one is the exact opposite of her sister... loved the camera, the lights were just fine with her and

the new toys were 'Oh so exciting"... She wanted to play with everything at the same time..

I think adventure should be her middle name.




Sire:  Bodcau Bayou Asher

  Dam:  Texas Star Last Kiss of Bodcau Bayou

Date of Birth:  December 7, 2017


"Bethany" - Female Bengal  - - Available - - Pet price $ 1800.00






This sweet baby was afraid of the camera, the feather teaser and everything.. All she wanted was "Momma"... We will work

with her and get pictures when she is ready to meet everyone..





Trent and Laura are looking for a new home.. Their new Dad got a new job and he is never

home. They really need human contact and with his job, he doesn't even have weekends.

Their Dad would like for them to have a family to play with.. Very sweet and loving babies.. If you are interested, please email their Dad at Kittens are located in the Dallas area.





Please give Jamie a call or text at

318-393-2124 if you are interested .



Prior to leaving the cattery each kitten will have all age appropriate immunizations, be spayed/neutered

and be micro-chipped. Kittens are eating on their own and using the litter box. They have been socialized

by my Granddaughter's and their friends. Occasionally I get to play with them.. We send them home with

a pedigree, a written guarantee, some of the food they are eating,  some litter to sprinkle

on the litter you choose to use, toys and a blanket that smells like the cattery and their friends. 

Last but not least, all of our love ..
















The best way to contact Jamie  - text or call - 1-318-393-2124








The best way to contact Jamie  - text or call - 1-318-393-2124




If you can not find the Bengal kitten of your dreams here, please


visit Texas Star Safari


****   or   ****


visit AraBella Bengals



Bodcau Bayou Bengals has the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at anytime during the negotiation period. These cats

and kittens are the sole property of Bodcau Bayou Bengals and will be regarded as such until a written contract of

ownership has been signed by both interested parties.


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  We are proud members of T.I.C.A. , all of our Bengal kittens are registered with T.I.C.A.




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This site was last updated 04/17/18  

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